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Video Monetization

The only thing that is certain in life is change.

In the context of the ad tech industry, evolvements in technology have pushed the boundaries of content creation and consumption to limits we have never seen before. …

Header bidding is widely recognized as an effective and advanced programmatic method for publishers to offer ad inventory to numerous SSPs and ad exchanges simultaneously.

The ecosystem is divided into two categories- client-side header bidding and server-side header bidding. There are benefits and pain points to both, and there is…

The steps publishers need to take before Google pulls the plug on third-party cookies

Research by Pew Research Centre shows that 72% of online users feel that everything they do online is tracked by advertisers, technology firms, or other companies. 81% say that the potential risks they face because of data collection outweigh the benefits.

The crumbling cookie, endless pages of regulations, and complicated…

website traffic

Over the last few years, it seems like search engine optimization has been slowly pushed aside and replaced by social media strategies. However, staying on the search engine’s “good side” comes with its own set of benefits. Publishers, do you pay attention to Core Web Vitals?

Good search engine optimization…

video ad types

For publishers who utilize videos on their websites, remaining non-intrusive and respectful of a user’s experience is vital for keeping them happy.

The right mix of video and content can turn into a great experience, while pushing the limits may upset certain users and hamper monetization.

The first guidelines for…

Publishers benefiting from a steadily-increasing yet consistent revenue stream from video content with pre-roll ads is not a rare phenomenon. However, some still have reservations and are not so keen on adding video to their sites for various reasons.

publishers are scared of video

Some may consider this format to be intrusive or have an…


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